Books I like to use

  • Broths to Bannocks - Catherine Brown
    • This isn't just a cookbook, it's a story of how the food of a nation evolved and is beautifully written. Rather than ingredient specific the chapters are based on the three historical means of cooking in Scotland, pot over open fire, gridle on a hook and meal (oatmeal) in a bowl followed by classical dishes from the last three centuries. It's also got a wonderful directory of where to buy the best Scotland has to offer in terms of produce. This book is a joy and evokes wonderful memories of being cooked for by my Gran. Really must get my own and give this back to my Mum!!
  • MasterChef Kitchen Bible
    • Do you want to know when squash is in season, what goes best with pork belly, how to joint a chicken, fillet a fish, make a souffle or a custard? Do Lavender mousse, lamb samosas or spiced battered fish and chips sound lik what you want to cook. Or would you just like to understand what a 'classic' recip is? These 500 pages will tell you all this and more, even the qustions you never knew you wanted to know the answers to. I love it and it is a font of culinary knowledge.
  • What to Eat Now - Valentine Warner
    • Autumn is my favourite season. Long walks surrounded by a dazzling array of colours and such an abundanc of food coming into season in this country. This book is dedicated to autumn easing into winter and has a fantastic array of recipes. In particular game and earthy vegetables which I love. And if you only bought it for the Spiced Cider recipe you would not feel cheated!
  •  River Cottage Everyday - Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall
    • Mr Fearlessly-Eatsitall isn't everyones cup of tea. Which is fine, I love his passion for taking real food to everybody. Nothing beats a cheap cut of good meat slow roasted as you enjoy a glass of wine. This book has a whole chapter dedicated to thrifty meats and I've tried a good few of them. On top of that there are delicious breakfast recipes to indulge in with the kids and a bread chapter ranging from pizza base to Guinness soda bread. I love it because it's wholesome, feelgood, tasty and most importantly fun.
  • Crazy Water Pickled Lemons - Diana Henry
    • Fantastic array of ideas on flavours and ingredients from around Mediterranean, Middle East and North Africa. I would never have made lavender truffles without this book, you should too, they're mind blowing. This book is all about one thing. Flavour.
  • The Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking - Marcella Hazan
    • Marcella Hazan is the mother of Italian cooks and if you only owned this book neither you nor your family and friends could ever get bored of your cooking. So many tips, techniques, recipes. It's wonderful and my 15 year old copy is well worn and splashed!
  • Rick Stein's Food Heroes
    • Great ingredients cooked well, can't think of anything more exciting.....and some tips for great shops, some of which I've searched for and was glad I did. (I think this may be out of print now but there is a newer edition)
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